30 January 2024

Product Safety Recall - GoodWe MS G3 inverter AC plug


Reason for Recall: The inverters have been supplied with an AC plug that does not comply with requirements of the relevant electrical safety standard. The AC plug can be removed without the use of a tool and expose consumers to live terminals.

Hazard: There is a risk of serious injury or death from electric shock if consumers remove the AC plug and access the live terminals.

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Dear Customers,

The AC plug on the MS G3 inverter has been identified as a non-compliant component on the inverter for Australia and New Zealand. This plug can be manually unplugged without the need for any tools. Removing this AC plug poses a risk of serious injury or death from electric shock to the consumer, if they attempt to access the live terminals.

It’s important to note that this specific AC plug is only used on MS G3 5-10kW inverters and does not affect previous generations of the MS inverter, nor any other GoodWe product whatsoever.

Rectification Solution:

GoodWe is actively addressing the safety concern associated with the AC plug on the MS G3 inverter. In collaboration with the plug supplier, a connector clip has been introduced to encase the AC plug, as shown in the provided photos (see below). This additional measure ensures that a tool is required to remove the AC plug, thereby enhancing safety.

Above illustration shows connector clip and how it will attach to the MS G3 AC Plug.

GoodWe acknowledges that the risk associated with the AC plug is limited, as it requires power and a specific method for unplugging. Despite this, GoodWe is proactive in addressing the situation and encourages all consumers currently using the MS G3 to get in touch with GoodWe via our dedicated support channel:

support@goodwerecall.com.au or call 0488 851 481


You must not attempt to remove the AC plug on the inverter.

Instead, please action these steps immediately:

• Switch off the inverter at the “INVERTER A.C. ISOLATOR” switch (if there is one installed adjacent to the inverter), and

• “MAIN SWITCH (INVERTER SUPPLY)” on the switchboard.

If you are unsure of the above steps, please leave your inverter alone and contact us on our dedicated support channel to arrange rectification works asap, or alternatively contact your solar installer.


Connector clips have been distributed to all national approved GoodWe distributors. Each clip is packaged with a straightforward SOP document and will be added with each existing MS G3 inverter, to allow you to purchase and collect MS G3 inverters and carry out new installations as normal, using the connector clip and SOP to be fully compliant.

RECTIFICATION WORKS – OPTION 1 (for fully qualified and accredited personnel only)

If you would like to carry out rectification works to your existing MS G3 installations, national approved GoodWe distributors will also receive additional stock of connector clips, that will be made available free of charge, you are able to contact them now to obtain the clips you need.

For any rectifications carried out by yourself, we are obliged to state that you must complete the following steps before carrying out the rectification process:

•Switch off the inverter at the “INVERTER A.C. ISOLATOR” switch (if there is one installed adjacent to the inverter) and

•“MAIN SWITCH (INVERTER SUPPLY)” on the switchboard.

For each completed installation, please email support@goodwerecall.com.au with the following:

• A clear, good quality photograph showing the connector clip correctly attached to the AC plug.

• The serial number of the MS G3 inverter (either a clear, good quality photograph, or typed).

• The complete address of the installation location.

• If you are emailing evidence of multiple installations, please ensure photograph files are named clearly.

GoodWe will reimburse you $150 AUD +GST for each completed installation. Please include your invoice on the email, and ensure to include all of the following information for us to be able to process it for payment:

GoodWe Australia Pty Ltd

2/6 Enterprise Drive
Victoria 3178
ABN 81 608 126 254


• The homeowner must not carry out the rectification work themselves.

• GoodWe will not be able to process any reimbursement invoices, if any of the above requirements

have not been fully adhered to.


GoodWe will use a 3rd party national service agent, that are fully qualified to carry out rectification works. If you would like this agent to carry out these corrections for you free of charge, please email support@goodwerecall.com.au with a spreadsheet, or typed information for all customer contact details, including name, full address, email and possible, phone number.

Once completed, GoodWe will provide you with emailed confirmation and proof of all completed work, for your records.

Going forward:

As of 18th November, GoodWe are already manufacturing the MS G3 with the compliant AC plug and will be fast-tracked for supply to Australia in January 2024.

As holders of seven consecutive TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” awards, GoodWe takes quality control extremely seriously, and are taking diligent steps to ensure no further issues arise. We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused and we look forward to continue providing our customers with the highest level of products, service and support going forward, and thank you for your continued support.